Trophies will be provided for the following categories:

10km- 1st Male
10km- 1st Female

10km- 1st Senior Male (Over 50)
10km- 1st Senior Female (Over 50)

10km- 1st Female Willingham Resident (Rene Gould Cup)
10km- 1st Male Willingham Resident (Penri Jones Cup)

New for 2023 – 10km- 1st Veteran Over 50 Willingham Resident (Glyn Smith Trophy)

4 Mile- 1st Youth Female (Under 16)
4 Mile- 1st Youth Male (Under 16)

4 Mile- 1st Male
4 Mile- 1st Female

4 Mile- 1st Senior Male (Over 50)
4 Mile- 1st Senior Female (Over 50)